Aeronautical consulting

Make your company matter in the aeronautical sector

We connect you with high-flying players stopping being invisible and scale your business

Fill your schedule with important appointments

While you dedicate 90% of your time to the internal management of your company, you are not focusing on scaling. And what is worse, you allow the competition to overtake you.

With Hispanoaeronáutica you will access contacts for large projects. Invest your time in what really works.

Use our network of contacts

At Hispanoaeronáutica we have been working for more than 30 years within the large companies that run the sector both within and outside of Spain. That is why we know the opportunities for which large manufacturers are willing to talk to you.

If you want to know more about our trajectory, on this page you can find our service sheet.


Business development

Start your engines with new revenue

Improve your new network of professional contacts and meet the heads of the companies that can multiply your income.

Digital transformation

Get ahead of the competition through innovation

Know and implement new technologies (machine learning, big data, IoT ...) that your competitors do not yet know.


Prepare for any emergency.

We solve any need for spare parts and repair in response to AOG (Airplane on grown). in the shortest possible time Ready for yesterday.

Aeronautical Certifications

Consigue nuevas certificaciones

Forma a tu equipo en las certificaciones más demandadas del sector y prepárate para la subida de nivel.

Design your new flight plan


Book a strategy session

Book a strategic session with one of our consultants. Tell us where your company is and we will detect growth opportunities.


We design the new routes

After a first strategic call, we will give you concrete proposals on how to increase your relevance and lead to Design your new flight plan


Plan development

We get to work; we develop your business and operations plan to lay the foundations for take-off.



Reaching cruising speed, we monitor the implementation of the project with weekly meetings until its completion.


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