Aeronautical Certifications

Certify that your team is among the best. Create new opportunities thanks to certifications

Get the most demanded certifications in the aeronautical sector.

In order to respond to the needs of the aeronautical market, you will need official certifications in different areas that guarantee the safety and the best maintenance of the main models of the aviation brands.

We can help you with the training of your team and the processing of official


Certifications in different areas

EASA regulations

Training aimed at anyone involved in aircraft maintenance.


Training in air navigation


Training to obtain or renew licenses as flight or ground personnel in the aeronautical sector

Type and airworthiness certification

Obtaining type and airworthiness certifications

Security (AVSEC)

Airport security training (AVSEC) for your company

Flight operations

Training for flight operations coordination

Outstanding figures


generated for our clients




years experience in the sector


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